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COSEI Technology

Founded in 2008.
Main business: PCB material development and sales. Main products: ceramic brush wheels, non-woven brush wheels, foaming brush wheels, exposure Mylar cleaning tape, release film, carrier film, protective film, tank washing agent, defoamer.

Established since 2008

Product: Grinding materials, Cleaning materials, PET

Service : Grinding solution  

TAKANAMI Trading  

Founded in 2009.
Main business: PCB materials, equipment, parts, maintenance in the Chinese market sales and services. Main products: ceramic brush wheels, non-woven brush wheels, foam brush wheels, brush mills, sandblasting machines, X-RAY drilling target machines.

Established since 2009

Product: Grinding materials, Grinding machine

Service : Grinding solution, Maintenance  

TAKAI Precision

Founded in 2010.
Main business: brushing machine, sandblasting machine, belt machine, copper powder recycling machine, dry ice cleaning machine and other equipment sales and maintenance services, as well as laminating machine, X-RAY drilling target machine equipment maintenance and parts sales.

Established since 2010

Product: Grinding machine

Service : Maintenance  


GOTEX Electroptic

Founded in 2011.
Main business: PCB plug hole foundry, and professional grinding foundry of various substrates.

Established since 2011

Service : Grinding OEM

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