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HGT-421 Small Automatic Substrate Grinding Machine

Mini scale Grinder for IC package and Ceramic substrate

Scope of application:

  • All kinds of lead frame package overflow glue to remove de-flash.

  • After the lead frame is encapsulated, the residual adhesive of the tape is removed to remove the residue.

  • After the lead frame is packaged, the copper surface is activated before electroplating.

  • Molding Compound/EMC is thinner after packaging.

  • Molding Compound/EMC grinding and exposed die after packaging.

  • Molding deflash overflow glue removal

  • de-tapping residue remove

  • 리드프레임디플래시

  • Close

  • Thinning of ceramic substrates (ALN, ALO, Sapphire).

  • Laser slag removal on ceramic substrates.

  • After the ceramic substrate is electroplated, the copper surface is leveled and thinned.

  • The ceramic substrate solder resist is removed and leveled.

  • The silver plug hole of the ceramic substrate is ground and leveled.

  • ​ All kinds of substrates are specially polished.

  • ​ Other special grinding.

  • Ceramic substrate grinding

  • リードフレームパッケージ

  • デフラッシュ


  • Small-scale economy grinding solution  

  • High UPH performance up to 320 Strips

  • Various applications  

  • The high performance of quality and efficiency  

  • No de-lam problem.

  • No Crack or break.

  • No ESD


  • Product Width     ➠60~150mm

  • Process Speed   ➠up to 3 m/min

  • F unction A       ➠Ceramic substrate

     Glass substrate, ALN substrate, etc.

  • F unction B        ➠QFN / DFN / IPM / PPAK / MIS  / Premold lead frame / Exposed clip / Any kind of LeadFrame package is able to experience grinding de-flash process.



HGT Grinder

WDM Cleaner


Fully Auto process flow

QFN Flash.jpg

Molding de-flash on QFN


Deburr after laser drilling

WeChat 圖片_20180829135951.jpg

Grinding pattern  leveling 

Molding de-flash on Heat sink

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